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Our Story The very first Poodle in my life was in 1964. This was a white boy named "Pierre". After Pierre, there were several Toy Poodle girls in the family over the years to 1984. In 1985, Brian and I married. No kids, but much discussion of bringing a large, silver male Standard Poodle into our family came about. Brian has had Brittanys since 1959 and always thought a Standard Poodle would be a great upland game bird hunting partner for his Brittanys. Brian was hunting pheasants in Knight's Landing, Northern CA. in 1983 and watching a silver Standard Poodle work the field. It was very impressive. After alot of research and planning, bringing in our first standard poodle Gi Gi in 1999 and the many poodles that have followed, the kennel name, Marquis Diamond came to be. This name came to us as a result of many of our dogs that had "Diamond" in their registered names and the favorite cut in the precious stone for us is the MARQUIS cut. It just worked out that the full name, "Marquis Diamond" for our Standard Poodles was the right fit. We have evolved over the last few years into a large dog family and our lives in our home are ALL THINGS DOG. We are a DOG HOUSE! Our poodles and brittanys have full access to our home, our grounds and all areas on our property. Our home has a walk out basement and our grooming room, food preparation set up and puppy play area are in the basement with full kennel and play areas in shaded/ weather protected sections in the front of our residence. Our puppies are born in our den on the first floor of our home and for the first 4 - 6 weeks are raised with us in our house and fully interact with us in our everyday lives. By 6 weeks of age, they are ready to move to their puppy play area in our basement which is adjacent to our grooming room. Our outside puppy play area that is set up with astro turf is the next step for them by 7 weeks of age, they go to the outside play area, weather permiting, a few hours each day. We live on 10 fenced acres and when there are no visitors expected, our adult dogs are allowed free access on our grounds, house and play areas. Over the last 13 years, bringing us to early 2012, we have many accomplishments with our dogs that can be reviewed by going thru the various pages on our website. We breed, raise and show standard poodles in various colors such as Silver, White, Blue and Black. We have bred pups in Red and on a small scale, Apricot and Brown as well. Many of our performance accomplishments have been with our puppy families as our event commitment with our dogs has been in the conformation venue. We also hunt upland game with our poodles, along side our brittanys. Our standard poodle foundation was established with the Pinafore linage in the colors Silver, White and Black. Pinafore standard poodles is the hard work and commitment of Penny Harney, established in 1963. Penny now resides in McKenzie TN and is still active in the Standard poodle breed and all things that follow. We maintain a close working relationship with Penny and she remains our mentor and biggest contributor for our current line of standard poodles at Marquis Diamond. Our History Standard Poodles and Brittanys are the breeds of dogs we currently share our lives with at Marquis Diamond. Brian is the Brittany fanatic and his first Brittany was "Countess Suzette" . Brian received Susie as a gift from his Uncle Jim after Brian lost his beloved Fox Terrier, Trixie, in 1959 due to a tragic hunting accident. Susie lived to be 16 years old and was Brian's hunting partner until she was 12. Our family's first poodle came to us in December of 1964, and we named him Pierre. Pierre was a Christmas gift to My Mom after my brother sold his golf clubs for $50 and bought the little white mini guy. Pierre lived to be 12 and was followed by many toy poodles over the years. We have many fond memories of Pierre. Pierre was responsible for the passion we feel for the Poodle that has brought us current to our place in life at Marquis Diamond Standards. May 1967 are some of my earlier photos with the first love of my life, Pierre. I was 6 years old, and my Mom took these pictures of me and Pierre. The center picture is of Mom, Grandma, Pierre, and Leroy, the cat in 1974. Pierre was a white miniature poodle, and he travelled all over the country with us and lived a long, healthy, and happy life as our first family dog. In December 2000, my husband, Brian, and I went to Reno, Nevada for dinner and planned to go see a litter of Standard Poodle puppies. We were at the Hilton and I hit a Royal Flush on a quarter-progressive poker machine pulling one card, the Queen of Clubs, to the Royal that paid $1,339.00. It was to be, a new pup . . . Although I wanted a silver Standard Poodle puppy, I fell in love with this blue girl and that continued my passion for the Standard Poodle. We named her "Gi Gi De Royale," as her purchase was funded by Lady Luck, and Gi Gi just fit her as a name. Gi Gi has never had puppies, has done some agility and hunt retrieves, but mostly is my shadow and our mascot at Suzy's Pampered Pet's, greeting all those that come. Gi Gi is our "heart" dog and the love of our lives. She is our best friend. Gi Gi is over 12 years old and still going strong. This is Gi Gi at the Hunt Club. Not sure if she is pointing or going to retrieve? Our Goals First and foremost, we at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles, Brian and Susan Cook are breeders. We are exhibitors second, as beauty & brains in our standard poodles are developed and time allows. The American Kennel Club has granted us "Breeder of Merit" Status which means we have met a specific criteria for this title not granted to ALL BREEDERS. Copies of our county licensure and our most current AKC inspection results are on our CONTACT page for review. Our standard poodle adults are FULLY genetically tested, results are quantifiable by the Orthopedic Foundation Registry, www.OFFA.org, and can be individually accessed for each of our poodles, along with their stats, on our BOYS and/or GIRLS pages. The requirements by the American Kennel Club for the Breeder of Merit status states we as BREEDERS have produced a specific number of standard poodles that have acheived title in the American Kennel Club performance events offered; we as BREEDERS agree to ensure that all of our offspring are AKC registered following them leaving our home; and we as BREEDERS meet and/or exceed the minimum health testing requirements for our breedable adults as set forth by our parent club, the Poodle Club of America (PCA). More general information on heatlh testing for our breed is outlined on our GENETIC page. Our # 1 goal for our offspring is to strive for good health, even disposition and pray for beauty. Our detailed contract information on our puppy guarentee for health and longevity of life is outlined in full format on the top of our AVAILABLE page. Over the years, our poodles and their offspring have been involved in showing and acheivng titles in different clubs such as the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC), International All Breed Club (IABCA), various hunt clubs, and the Canadian Kennel club (CKC); however, the American Kennel Club (AKC), is the venue most of our activity with registration and performance events has been established. We have been RAW Feeders for 4 generations (10 years) and manufacture/grind in our home, a biologically prepared, hormone free, RAW diet for our standard poodle adults and puppies. We do not feel feeding RAW fits into everyones lifestyle but we strongly recommend reading more about it on our RAW food page to learn our process. All of our puppies are reared on a raw diet and leave our home microchipped, Avid microchipchip registration PREPAID, AKC registerable, with a full puppy layette, new bed, complete vet record with an extensive puppy rearing information packet and a RAW/processed food kit. We use the Bio Sensor method to stimulate/develop our puppies in their first 2-3 weeks and Volhard Temperment and Wing Retrieve test our puppies in their 7th week of life. Their results are also published and copies of the testing with their performance pictures are prepared and placed in their information file that accompanies them to their forever homes. We breed for ourselves and as we cannot keep them all, we offer companion and/or performance puppies for placement. We respect individuals that are seeking a poodle pup for conformation exhibition purposes and at times, we have offered pups for this venue on private treaty; however, that is not our main goal for our offspring in which we place. We remain available to offer referals to other breeders for a purchase of an AKC conformation show prospect. Our puppies are placed on a Spay/Neuter agreement and not FULL REGISTRATIONS. Our puppies are not placed with breeders soley for reproduction purposes. We strongly believe in the Standard Poodle being the Total Dog and on our Working Dog page and Now Showing page, have many examples of the accomplishments of our standard poodles. This breed can be anything one wishes for them and as such, we can say, standard poodles are the "Total Dog". Training and development of your standard poodle puppy are paramount for acheiving that total dog outcome. We NEVER SAY NEVER at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles. We do not offer a prospective companion or performance family something in a puppy which we cannot guarentee. We cannot say as breeders we are producing the bigger and/or better version, richer color/darker points that hold as our dogs age, better conformation/trainabilty or anything "magic" that will render our dogs PERFECT making them better than any other breeder can produce. We have been active with the standard poodle breed for many years with our companion dogs, performance prospects and most current, as AKC Breeders of Merit. We do not and CANNOT promise our offspring will be anything more than what we describe them to be at the time we offer our pups for placement. Mother nature is a brutal force to contend with and couple that with all that the elements that are present in a breeding program, there are many factors that are to be considered when meeting a group of puppies that are offered for placement. That is from ANY BREEDER. We want to stress that we do the best we can, we stand behind our dogs, we offer lifetime breeder support to all that have our offspring, a full puppy wellness genetic guraentee and, again, we NEVER SAY NEVER.....Our years of experience and continuous ongoing training, research, and trying harder each year we breed our standard poodles, we have created a line of dogs that have brought us great pride, some very impressive titles, and many of our puppy families wonderful, lifetime companionship with their Marquis Diamond Standard Poodle. We have personal and professional references upon request. Please take a moment to look over our website pages and read our information. We are both Service Retired from the State of California completing our career paths. We are now home with our dogs each and every day, rarely leaving together at the same time. Our lifes work is now with our passion for the Standard Poodle and all of them that share our home and our lives. We are able to ship our puppies via commercial airlines, we can accomodate private charter, at times we travel to meet pup families on the road and as always, all are welcome in our home. We do ONE THING and WE DO IT WELL...... We Breed AMAZING Standard Poodles and strive to only get BETTER as time goes on. We remain available for calls and/or emails as we just may have that special puppy to share with you. This is our Boy that started it all for us in the American Kennel Club. AM/CAN CH Pinafore Diamond Boulavardier. We had alot of firsts with our Boulie. Boulie was the first standard poodle we purchased from Penny Harney at PINAFORE. Boulie was the FIRST AKC PUPPY American Champion for not only Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles but for Penny Harney at PINAFORE. Boulie is pictured with handler Terri Meryers and Judge Eugene Blake. This was Boulies Final Major, denoting him as a NEW AMERICAN CHAMPION, October 16, 2004 at 11 months old at the Sandemac Kennel Club. Boulie finished in 5 weekends as an AKC champ. It was a proud accomplishment for all of us. We published Champion Boulie in the Poodle Variety Jan-March 2005 which was our first Breed specific publication for our line up. Boulie is now retired and our resident SR Champ, doing whatever He wants to do.
Performance Poodles of Colour . . . Form, Function, Structure Home of the Total Dog!
Am CH Marquis Diamond- Random Act of Passion in Apricot and her handling team, BlueLine LLC are starting to show their stuff in the AKC Breed Ring, East Coast October 2016. Passion is our first Bred by/Apricot Show Prospect. Read more about Passion and her handling team on our Girls page. Marquis Diamond Sailing the Silver Sequin, aka Quinn, begins her AKC Show Career in Open classes in Florida, January 2018 with her handlers from Team BlueLine taking her first points. Read more about Quinn on our Girls page. Marquis Diamond Louisville Slugger-Silver Edition (aka Louie) has a great start on the East coast circut July 2017 with his Handlers of BlueLine LLC, Adriano Rocha & Danielle Lessard. Read more about our Louie on our Boys page. Am CH Marquis Diamond Wicked Wanda and her PRO handler, Adriano Rocha / BlueLine LLC, win the Breed/Variety January 31, 2016 in South Carolina for completion of her AKC title. To Review her Stats, click to our Girls page. Am CH Firenze-Rising from the Ashes at Marquis Diamond (aka Finn) made the Family Proud with Finn's THIRD major in a Very Quick Adult Show Career, making him an AKC Champion on JULY 17, 2015 in Houston Texas. Read more about CH Finn on our Boys page. Am CH Marquis Diamond - Pinafore Look Back Sheez Black and her handler Taffe Mc Fadden won a 3 point Major/ Best of Winners in Boise Idaho on October 12, 2014 to complete our home-bred girls title as CHAMPION. Read more about Laycee and Taffe on our Girls page. AM/INT/U CH Pinafore Healing Hearts at Marquis Diamond (aka Lovie) has added a new title to her Honorifics and a BREED/VARIETY Win at the Greater Monroe Kennel Club in North Carolina March 29, 2014. Read more about our CH Lovie on our Girls page. Am/U CH Pinafore Possabilities at Marquis Diamond (aka Bill) places at PCA April 2013 and finishes his AKC title May 2013. Read more about AKC/UKC Champion Bill on our Boys page. MASTER HUNTER Marquis Diamond Remy, JH, SH, MH, WC, WCX is Awarded his MASTER AKC HUNT TITLE on 03/16/14, by the Marin Retriever hunt club tests held in Corning, CA. MASTER Remy is the 12th Standard poodle to be awarded this prestigious title. Read more about REMY on our Working Dog page. Marquis Diamond Simply Irresistable NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP takes new titles at the Poodle Club of American National Show in Maryland, APRIL 2011. Read more about Fancy and her owner/handler Carol Crouch on our Working Dog page. Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles of Colour is proud to announce our newest show prospect in SILVER BEIGE born August 26, 2012. Marquis Diamond Shimmering Sands of Pinafore (aka Ameer). Read more about our newest show stopper on our Whats New page. Click on the Above Poodle Pedigree LINK that will take you to the HOME PAGE of www.PoodleData.org. Enter the full, exact REGISTERED name of the Poodle you wish to research, excluding titles. Info that will be available is Registered Health Genetics, 5 generation pedigrees, Co-efficiencies on the breeding, Sibling records , etc.