We have posted some of our pictures from our puppy families as well as our friends and training partners to share with you. These candids depict many of the successes we have had with our Poodle puppies as well as the dedicated families our poodles share their lives with. The Standard Poodle is a very versatile companion and really craves human contact. They make wonderful family pets and can also hunt in the field, float in the conformation ring, run an agility course, assist in assistance/therapy work, or just lay on the couch and be one's best friend. We are very proud of the accomplishments our puppies have made and like to remain "In the know" with their current activities. We often update this page when we get new pictures and have many more for review upon request. Should you have any questions about our available PUPPIES, please review our puppy page or CONTACT us via telecom or Email.


Nor Cal Poodle Dayz 2022 Annual Fundraiser at Carmel By the Sea, CALIFORNIA was special for this year and a total success. My BFF, Charlette Le Blanc came from her home retirement state in the South West to join us this year for the festivities and fellowship, All things Poodle. Charlette and I (Susan) started at the San Francisco Airport, onto Carmel and then a Great Spa Adventure Five-star weekend in Disneyland California Grand and back. GREAT TEN DAYS! There were many poodles and lots of activity for the Carmel event. Thanks to all that attended once again. Dinner, Parade, Adobe Inn and the beach. Amazing ! We will not be having fixed activities after this year 2022 for Marquis Diamond Standard Poodle Sparkle in Carmel Group with the Block rooms at the Adobe or the reserved dinners. It will be a come as you are event and much more low key for 2023 and beyond. Many thanks to all the hard work by our administrators Joanne and Paul Hart-Dare, Jill Askern, Brian and Kim Pinion for all their assistance over many years. We are all stepping down and taking life as it comes. It is time !


The Nor Cal Poodle Rescue Carmel California Poodle Dayz was a Success for October 1, 2021. Due to the Pandemic in 2020 the Event was Cancelled. 2021 was off with a BANG and it was amazing. Thank you Joanne Hart Dare for putting your magic together on the Dinner Planning at El Fornaio . As always our Photographer Jill Askern, BIG Thank you , and Kim Bohmer and Brian, Our Administators along with Joanne and Jill on our Marquis Diamond Sparkle page on Facebook,.... THANK YOU! Our Turn out was GREAT and We thank all the Marquis Diamond Poodle Parents for coming. We look forward to 2022 !


Thank you Ellen Symons Fox for the Great Poodle Variety Publication / Thank you for Marquis Diamond - Koa Kai Ali'i ad in the July - September 2018 Poodle Variety Magazine. Very Thoughtful. Ellen and Crew presented this lovely gift to us at the NOR CAL Poodle Rescue event in Carmel CA on Oct 6 , 2018. Koa is the Son of our Willow X Sporty and a lovely example of a companion Brown Standard Poodle boy. Groomed to the Nines !


Year NINE of the NORCAL Poodle Rescue Poodle Dayz Fund Raiser , Saturday October 6, 2018 at the Crossroads, Carmel California was a huge success and alot of fun for all. There were 502 Actual Entries of poodles in all sizes, Toy, Mini and Standard for the parade which was then a fun romp on the Beach in Carmel which then lead to many cocktail parties and dinner for all attendees and their beloved poodles. Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles in attendance exceeded 52 poodles within the poodle family and actual Entries for the Parade from the youngest of 4 mos to the oldest of 13 years was the largest entry this year at 22 poodles. Our line up was proudly represented with our Standard poodles Bred by us. Marquis Diamond Finnegan in PLATINUM SILVER, Owned by Brian and Kim Pinion of FRESNO CA were the proud Winners of BEST NATURAL COLOR COATED Poodle in the Event. Finnegan was awarded a great Gift Certificate for vendor merchandise and will be a cover model for NCPR for 2018. Congrats to Finn , Brian and Kim. Many thanks to our Joanne Hart Dare and Husband Paul for being the driving force behind this event for Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles. Joanne organized and staffed the 2 special dinners for our poodle family on Friday and Saturday nites in Carmel. Joanne and Paul arrive at the Event EARLY on Saturdays to reserve the massive seating for our group, Setting up the Banner, organinzing Lunch after the event and not to mention our BLOCK of rooms at the ADOBE INN, 8th and Delores Street. Many special Kudos due to the hard work of Joanne and Paul Hart-Dare. Hogan in Red and Abbie in Red/ White Parti color are the loves of the Hart-Dare Family as well. They are always in attendance looking dapper . Thank you to Kim and Brian Pinion for the LOVELY Cake made each year for our Friday nite dinner and for the Beach Spread of Wine, Cheese, Fruit , salami and nuts. Both have done a lovely job each year and the great condition of our Silver Boy Finn is amazing. Finn is a new daddy and blessed MDSP with 5 silver kids born at MDSP's 7/14/2018. New AKC Show Dog Hopefuls! Thank you to Janey Friedman for coming all the way from Parkland Florida to bring Treats from Pet Giftz , her company and to spend the weekend with us at Poodle Dayz. Janey and crew have 3 White standard poodles from us and has been our friend and biggest supporter for many years. Thank you to Jill for all the great pictures as she does so well each year. Jill is Tallulah and Co Co's Mom, Both MDSP's bred girlz. We are blessed with all that came to make this event and visit memorable and we cannot wait for 2019! Thank you to Dr Ted and Lezlie de Looze of Portland Oregon for all the hard work in Master Hunter Marquis Diamond Remy, JH SH MH WC WCX (Silver Male) & Marquis Diamond Phoebe, WC WCX (Red Female). This picture was taken of Dr. de Looze and I (Susan Cook/Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles ) in Portland ORE, Sept 2014 after working Master Remy and Phoebe on blind retrieves. Dr. Grace Blair met us in Portland as she was there for a photography class, watched the 2 standard poodles work with Dr de Looze and then we all went to dinner. Of Course, we talked ALL THINGS STANDARD POODLES and WORKING EVENTS!! Thank U Ted, Lezlie and Grace for a fun weekend. We accomplished a Breeding that weekend with Master Remy X M. CH Demi. Silver performance pups are due Nov 13, 2014. We are excited!! On November 9, 2014, our six silver pups arrived from Master Remy X M CH Demi. We are so pleased with the group and are hopeful with their performance futures. Great job MH Remy and Demi!

First Litter of MarquisDiamond Pups Confirmed in New Zealand!

NEWS FLASH!!! Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles has their first confirmed litter of pups in NEW ZELAND due October 15, 2014. Gwynne Hocking at Shantar poodles has bred her silver girl PURDY by Frozen Semen sent from ICSB/ Grass Valley CA, USA. AM/U CH Pinafore Possabilities at Marquis Diamond will be the proud Daddy standard poodle of at least 6 puppies. The working relationship between Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles X Shanter Standard Poodles is off to a GREAT start. We are excited for the new pups coming from New Zeland to California USA the next 24 months. CANNOT WAIT! Thank U Gwynne!! On October 13, 2014, six silver puppies came to be following the surgical implant breeding in New Zealand as pictured above. This litter of six born at Shantar Poodles/Gwynne Hocking makes our Multi Champion Bill an International Sire!! Thank U Gwynne and congrats! This is our Latest POODLE VARIETY publication for the 2014 COLOR edition. Congrats to AKC Master Hunter REMY, AKC Conformation Champion Lovie, and our Girl Laycee in Black starting her adult career Summer 2014! Our newest show stopper for our 2013 line up (top picture) is our silver beige male, Marquis Diamond Shimmering Sands of Pinafore, aka Ameer. Ameer is the Silver BEIGE son of our U CH Pinafore Possabilities at Marquis Diamond (Silver) X Grand CH Prodigy Freedom of Speech (Blue). Ameer is pictured with the red pup, Code RED, aka Cody at Oakleaf Ranch in Loomis CA. Cody is the RED boy owned and loved by the Dillon Family in Folsom CA. We have had Ameer, the silver beige guy evaluated by a couple of our mentors and He has been given the thumbs up to grow and get out to see what He can do for our show line up at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles for 2013/2014. This has been a very pleasent suprise for us as we love the special colors in the world of the standard poodle and hope our Silver Beige boy can make the cut for his AKC title. Not to mention making our title true to form, Poodles of Colour! Pictured in the portrait just above this set of text are our silver kid, left to right, Marquis Diamond Silver Reign of Pinafore (Rayna) and U CH Pinafore Possabilities at Marquis Diamond (Bill). Bill is the Sire of our Ameer. It was a pleasent suprise to find out our CH Bill carries a BROWN GENE!!!! Thank U Penny Harney of Pinafore for our Bill. A new color for Pinafore too, SILVER BEIGE! Pictures are by Debra L. Smith of Roseville CA. Thank U Deb for the great work Deb. Cannot wait to get my Purse with these pictures on it as well ! U CH Pinafore Possabilities at Marquis Diamond, aka Bill and our Silver girls had a GREAT weekend in Claremont California at the UKC show, November 24 and 25, 2012. Our Bill was awarded Best of Breed and Group # 1 in all FOUR SHOWS! Thank you so much for all the judges that awarded Bill these great wins. Our U-CH Pinafore Light as a Feather at Woodwind, aka Kellie, owned, loved and shown by Marci Sartador completed her UKC Title Nov 25, 2012 under Judge Barbara Marin. CH Kellie is cut into Pattern and is growing coat now for her AKC debut in 2013. These are some fun pictures of CH Bill, CH Kellie and Sisters Rayna and Tallulah. On the Bed is the 3 sisters from Left to Right, Rayna, Kellie and Tallulah. Jill Askern and Ella Askern own and love Tallulah. Jill is the photographer and very good at it! The single picture is our Rayna. Rayna, Kellie and Tallulah are our Silver sisters born Oct 15, 2011 from our AM Multi Champ Bonser X Pinafore Sally Met Harry. They are our up and comers in SILVER, along with our U CH Bill. It was a Sunny and very nice weekend at the Claremont Hotel and show sight with all our silver beauties. This was our last weekend with U CH Bill before He travels to Orlando Florida December 1, 2012 to go onto his AKC Career with Team Blueline, Adriano Rocha and Danielle Pesko. Thank you Marci and Jill for meeting us in Claremont, Showing the Girls and all the pictures JILL!!!! We started our 7 weeks of training at the Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club (TMDTC) on February 2, 2012. We take 2 of our Puppies, Reigna and Shay for the S.T.A.R. AKC Puppy class the first hour and the 2nd hour, we take 2 of our older poodles for Obedience #1 class. We are pictured here with our Lovie and Smiles. Brian got a kick out of the Double Mirror Exposure of Lovie standing stacked for her treat. Lovie goes to her AKC Conformation Career late February 2012 with Kathry Mc Lahlan in Indiana so all the experience she can get in settings like the training classes will be Great for her being a young dog. We STRONGLY recommend Training and Exposure for ALL young pups and teens to make them a better companion with their new families. We use PJ's Dog Training in RENO NV and as of late, we are members of the TMDTC, also in RENO. Both offer GREAT classes and instruction. This is our Marquis Diamond Aye of the Tyger, AKA: Co Co Jr. Co Co is the Daughter of our Multi Champion Valentino (Black) X Co Co Channel (Brown). Co Co Jr. lives in S. California USA with the Askern family and is currently just turning one year old July 2011 and ready to cut into Pattern. The Askern family use to show Toy poodles and we all are very hopeful Co Co Jr. Grows to make the family proud to her AKC Conformation Title. July 2011, Co Co Jr in these pictures, is posing for a photo shoot for a book she will be published in by a S CA Author, Sherri. The Askerns are excited with the Pro pics of Co Co and shared them with us. We are very hopeful for her and her future with the Askern Family. It is a Great Suprise when a family with one of our RED girls (Moxie) comes back for a RED boy (Sonic) and we found out their trainer, Debra Wiese in Lincoln CA is using our RED, Rocky X Rubee Daughter for their "cover girl" on Debra's Pet Obedience training business. That is the ultimate compliment for a breeder. Thank U Deb! This RED girl in these pictures is Moxie and is almost 2 ys old in the picture ad. Debra Wiese is a GREAT dog trainer and is very successful at her trade. She has also showed and finished dogs in AKC Obedience and Conformation Venues. Debra is a GREAT trainer. She is in the Sacramento CA Area and her website is www.WhoTrainsWho.net, (916) 276- 2969. Look them up! Multi-Champion, AM/UCI/INT/NAT/BIS/RBIS U-GR CH Marquis Diamond- Aurak Bonsante went Select for a Major Win at the Vallejo AKC Show sponsered by the Coyote Hills Kennel Club, May 21, 2011. Our champ Bonser has been owner handled toward his GRAND AKC Title since He came home from his show career in Texas. Bonser was shown to his initial AKC title by Kathryn Bolin of Aurak Poodles in Kilene Texas. Kathryn owns CH Bonsers Sire, CH Skylar and was gracious in putting his AKC title on him for us. CH Bonser has received his other titles, owner-handled by Susan Cook of Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles. Not sure if we will make the Grand title on him AKC but we are having fun trying . . . Grooming has been my Martin Gregory or Pro Groom/Greg Mar Poodles, Roseville CA. On April 2, 2011, Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles, adopted 2 miles of the Highway 395 that encompasses our private entrance road into our home. When you come to visit or just pass by, we are now much easier to find by following our Adopt A Highway signs! This book titled, United States and Canada Dog Travel Guide, is a MUST HAVE book for the doggie enthusiast that does any amount of travel with their doggies of all breeds. What makes this book VERY special and near to us at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles is the authours, Len and Tara Kain, along with their 2 children, chose us for their new family member standard poodle after the loss of their beloved black boy that inspired them to write these travel books. Len and Tara Kain not only chose one poodle, they chose 2! They took a brown boy and a black boy from our breeding between our Multi Champion Valentino X Co Co in 2010. We were very proud as the Kain family did alot of searching and traveling to breeders homes and decided to bring into their family and their travels, 2 of our puppies. Len and Tara travel extensively in a motor home with their family and their dog (S) documenting their experiences with all dog friendly accomodations, parks, attratctions , beaches, outdoor dining, public transportation and emergency vets throughout the USA and Canada. They also offer a free website: www.DogFriendly.com/updates. This Website offers info that comes new following each of their travel experiences. This book is their 4th edition and offers over 20,000 + Dog Friendly Places! Many thanks to the Kain family for their trust in us for their new family member standard poodles!! This is our RED guy called Jake. Jake was born March 13, 2011 and is our Rocky X U-CH Rose son. The Vance family in Chico CA have Jake and He joins another Blue Poodle to make their family complete. Jake is a fun guy and our boy from the last breeding of our Matriarch, Rose. The Vance family keep us updated on Jake and we love to hear of his travels and his pictures with the family. Jake is reported to be very snuggly, kind and considerate. What a Cutie Jake is! AM/UCI INT/NAT/ GRAND- UKC CH Marquis Diamond- Aurak Bonsante was shown , Owner Handled, at the AKC RENO Dog show Aug 21 and 22, 2010. Out of the Best of Variety Class on SUNDAY Aug 22, 2010, AKC Breeder Judge, Inge Semenschin awarded Multi Champion Bonser, Owner Handled , the Best of Opposites for his first "Select" Points toward the New AKC Grand Title. Ch Bonser went Best of Opposites to our CICILEY, whom is Bonsers Niece. Multi Champion Missy and Multi Champion Bonser Share the Same Dam/Momma, Pinafore SeaSprite. Our CH Bonser finished his AKC Title in July 2010 handled by Kathryn Bolin in Texas, He came home to California and in 2 mos, July and Auguest 2010, Owner Handled, our boy completed his UKC Grand CH Title and onto his first win in AKC as a Finished Champion, taking his first Select points. Bonser is pictured with the Judge and us from Marquis Diamond, Brian and Susan Cook. This was a big Honor to be awarded this win, owner handled, by a poodle Breed Judge, Inge Semenshcin. We will play thru 2010 in the AKC and UKC rings while Bonser sports his new, historically-correct continental clip, courtesy of Heather Bryan of Absolutley Fabulous Mobile Grooming of Phoenix AZ. AM/ INT/NAT UCI/ BIS/RBIS U-GR CH Marquis Diamond-Aurak Bonsante completed his AKC title in Dallas Texas on July 9, 2010 handled by Kathryn Bolin of Aurak Poodles. Our Bonser flew home to Sacramento CA from Austin Texas on July18, 2010 and was entered in the Gold Country Hounds and Hunters UKC show July 23-24, 2010. Bonser completed his GRAND CHAMPION UKC Title, Show #2, July 24, 2010. Bonser is shown, owner handled winning a Best in All breed show and Reserve Best in All breed show by Judges Mark Golden and Rebecca Harris. In addition to the BIS/RBIS, Bonser won Best of Breed in his 4 shows, 3 group Ones's and 1 group Two. It was a thrill for sure! It was a great weekend and very exciting to get our boy home and acheive these wins in one weekend. This is our little French Girl, Marquis Diamond Gabrielle of Paris taking the NLC, Best Puppy of Breed in Sunny Phoenix AZ, January 25, 2009. The judge was Rick Gann of Arlington, Texas. She was handled/bred by Susan Cook. Gabrielle is owned by Virginie Largilliere of Paris, France. Virginie allowed us to take Gabrielle to Phoenix AZ for the first UKC dog show of the year for us at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles. Gabrielle will be our first Standard Poodle in Europe. We had a GREAT time with family and friends in Sunny Phoenix, specifically with Lori and Rich of Harmony Mountain Hunting Pudels. Gabrielle goes to her new home in Paris, France Feb. 16, 2009 via San Francisco, CA. Her new Momma will fly over Air France and carry her home to Paris. Many thanks to Virginie for Choosing her Red Standard Poodle Girl from Marquis Diamond Standards! UPDATE: Gabrielle is now living safely in Geneva, France with her new Momma, Virginie. We had a GREAT weekend in San Francisco, CA sight seeing and even went down LOMBARD Street with 9 hairpin turns in our Truck. Gabby Slept and Virginie was TERRIFIED. That will give her something to remember her trip to the USA to get her red poodle pup. We boarded Gabrielle with her new Momma Virginie on Air France and waved good bye giving lot's of kisses too. On Feb 17, 2009, Gabby arrived safe to Paris and onto Geneva France to begin her new life on the French Riviera, Ooh La La! Many people ask about the temperaments of our poodles at Marquis Diamond Kennels. Most of our puppies are in companion homes and live much better lives than we could wish for. We receive emails and cards from all over, celebrating the lives our puppy families share with their Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles. The temperaments of our poodles must be right or we would not have received the positive responses that we have over the years. We have picked out some of the more colorful cards to share with you. We have references for your consideration, available upon request.

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