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We feed a home made Raw dog food grind with product from select vendors. We also advocate certain prepared dog foods as rated in Whole Dog Journal. We have listed Prepared Dog Foods we support. We supplement our feeding program with NuVet vitamins. Our puppies are started on a raw diet with a fresh goat milk base beginning at 4 weeks. You can click on any of the following links to learn more about: http://www.FirstSourcePetFoodsReno.com (Mark Giles/Blue Ridge Beef Products--Prepared Raw Food for Carnivores). www.dogstyleboutique.com (Roxann Knight/Bandon Oregon) www.Sojos.com Organically-prepared RAW kibble: www.FrommFamily.com Feeding your Dog does NOT have to be troublesome, confusing or overwhelming. Although we recommend and advocate a Raw Food Diet, there are many alternatives for a premium feeding program both raw and processed. We feed our Standard Poodles and Brittanys many of the Products from select vendors, Bone Appetit Raw Food and Timber Wolf Organics. We supplement their meals with NuVet Vitamins and Salmon Oil from Timber Wolf. Megs Meats in Truckee, California offers very special raw food diets for dogs and cats. We have begun to make a home grind for our raw feeding program. We use local meat/vegetable sources and a grain free/air-dried vegetable Sojourner Farms product called, Europa. We have used Canidae Products in the past and still advocate their food line. When one is dedicated to a raw feeding program, FREEZER SPACE is a MUST. We have 7 freezers in our food kitchen. We believe in a raw food diet but it is alot of commitment to use this process on a large scale. The Great Condition of our puppies and adult dogs really shows and we attribute this to the raw feeding program and supplements we use. We believe, the healthy birth weight of our puppies is also a direct result of our commitment to the raw feeding program and the vitamin supplements we feed. In an attempt to give our puppies the best start we can in addition to what they receive from their momma, we give them Bovine Colostrum from Organically-Rated Pasture fed Animals from Birth and each 2 hours thru their first 24 hours of life. Colostrum with the antibody protection is only present in a mother's milk the FIRST 24 hours after birth. The absorption levels in puppies for the Antibodies needed to boost their health defenses are met up to that magic 24 hour age. The Nursing Mother passes the immunoglobulins (Antibodies) or often addressed as "Titers" to their puppies via their Colostrum. Colostrum is a highly concentrated mixture of Large Protein antibody molecules, vitamins, electrolytes and nutrients. The FIRST 24 hours following birth, ALL the protection the puppy has is what they received their first DAY OF LIFE. This protection following the 24 hour time frame after birth can only be later augmented by VACCINE. Disease intervention that is common in Canines such as Distemper, Parvovirus and Coronavirus can be prevented, outside of innoculation, by proper intervention the FIRST 24 hours of a puppies life. A follow up thru Blood Draw to detect HIGH TITERS VS preventative innoculations may be accomplished to detect the high titer levels BEFORE unnecessary vaccinations are administered. Minimal innoculations lead to a healthier life for our puppies into adulthood if the High Titer levels are met and maintained. This remains our commitment to providing the best start for our puppies to AVOID their need for massive vaccinations their first 6 month of life that can lead to future health issues. We use the following Environmentally Friendly Bovine Colostrum products...... We start our puppies at 4 weeks on the following products: We continue our feeding program for our Standard Poodles and Brittanys, 6 weeks to Adults on: Our Adult Raw Food Grind contains, USDA Inspected and Approved for Human Consumption, Red and White Domestic/Game MEAT/FOWL, Seasonal Green Leafy Vegtables, Select Fruit, Animal OFFAL, Raw Apple Cider Vinager, Afalfa Powder, Sea Kelp Powder, Probiotic Powder, Cold Water Salmon/Fish Oil and Nu Vet Vitamin Powder. We have a special FOWL FREE Grind that is for our dogs with sensitive stomachs and/or allergies. The base for the meal is a neutral meat like Rabbit or Lamb. If the base is made from "Strip" (Boneless Meat) we add Bone Meal from Meg's Meat's for the bone component of the grind. For our Puppies, our grind begins with Domestic Rabbit and Fine Bone. We slowly introduce Fine Ground Chicken and Turkey. The food base starts with warm Goat Milk for the first 3 weeks. Sierra Meats in Reno Nevada has an EXTENSIVE line item list (4500 products) of Every Domestic and Game Meat you can imagine and some you cannot! Lori Cooper at Sierra Meat & Sea Food (800) 444-5687, is the dog food EXPERT (My nomination). Lori will assist you in developing an order for your Canine or Feline home made meals. Lori is very well versed on her company and their products. They have no website and have been in business for 45 years. They ship WORLWIDE, offer smaller quantites and their prices are very COMPETITIVE. Lori Cooper from S M & S Company has been a big help to us at Marquis Diamond Standards with our feeding program. Lori goes over the line item list each month and always has specific info on the game meats that are available as she actually is a rare study in her field by her travels to Africa. We not only purchase the basic Bison Products (Buffalo) we have used Ferral Boar meat, Antelope, Venison and even considered some others from Africa; however, price dictates here and some of the Meats are considered a Delicacy for sure, WAAYout of our price range. Sorry poodles! Lori and her friends go to Africa on Photo Safari's and there are some pictures from her June 2008 trip in the Ngorongoro Crater and at the Rwandan Falls. Our Base Adult Recipe is: 60% Raw Bone/Meat Base: chicken backs and turkey necks (these have the highest bone-to-meat ratios). 12% lean beef, pork, rabbit, venison, antelope, buffalo and/or lamb (also, domestic or game animal green tripe on occasion when available from local private ranches or hunts from family and friends). 13% Animal OFFAL: Buffalo Kidney, Buffalo Tounge, Lamb Kidney, Venison Heart and/or Beef Heart. 12% Vegtable/Fruit OFFAL(Seasonal): Greens, Kale, Spinach, Leaf Lettuce, Broccoli, air dried vegetable mix, Europa by Sojourner Farms (no root based vegtables are used due to the Carbohydrate levels). Fruit: blueberries, apples, strawberries, rasberries. 2% Fish: bait fish when available OR tilapia (white fish/very mild) 1% Other: raw apple cider vineager, sea kelp powder, alfalfa powder, probiotic powder, cold water salmon/fish oil and NuVet powder. We grind our meals in a Tor Rey MR 22 R 1 Grinder and have a bag tuber to make 2 and 5 pound bags of our food grind. We have our own label and when our puppies go to their new homes, we furnish a raw food pack for them so their GI systems remain stable during their transition. Our Grind is not for RESALE. We make what we feed our adult canines and our pups. We furnish friends and family because we are proud of our grind! We also supplement our canine meals with RAW meaty bones three times a week. We highly recomend beef femur bones, buffalo neck and femur bones and pork necks. Sierra Meats offers these in 50 pound boxes and the quality is EXCELLENT. We wish you a very successful Raw Dog Food manufacture and remain available to answer questions to assist in a start for the home-made pet food enthusiasts. We strongly recommend the RAW food books by Dr. Ian Billinghurst and the monthly periodical, Whole Dog Journal. Their recipes are excellent and the information for a RAW food plan is UNMATCHED. It is not alot of work. If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. We are very dedicated to what we do and we LOVE IT! The good health results and stunning physical stamina/appearance are VERY obvious in our Standard Poodles and Brittanys, both adults and pups! We would like to personally thank Roxann Knight at Bone Appetit Raw Foods, Grace Weymeier of Meg's Meat's, PJ Wagsness- Howe of Dog Training by PJ and Penny Harney at PINAFORE KENNELS for all their knowledge and help in our process and for convincing us that, "IT IS OK TO FEED YOUR PETS RAW FOODS!" What else comes with our pups? When our puppies go to their new homes they are microchipped, come with a pre-paid Avid registration form, are groomed several times, temperament tested, vet certified with health record specific to the puppy, parental genetic health background information binder, raw/prepared food kit, their own pillow bed and a PUPPY LAYETTE; complete but not limited to - food/water bowls, collar/leash, brush, toys, chews, shampoo, cologne, Grooming Chart, Blade Chart and MUCH MORE. We really enjoy shopping and strive to furnish our puppy families with enough items to get them thru the first month with their new puppy. We do pet grooming on a small scale in our shop and keep enough product here to make up a great layette. We strongly believe in the PUPPY KONG and furnish one with each puppy, color-specific to their sex. If we ship a puppy via air carrier, we ship in the USPS by PRIORITY mail, a modified puppy kit a week before the puppy ships to their new home. Pictures of our items to choose from are: We recommend the following books for information on the Canine Raw Feeding Program: In an ongoing commitment to remain at the top of our game, We recommend the following periodicals and product lines: Great Books in General available, New and used, on Amazon.com OR Ebay.com : Probiotics for Puppies and Adults: Natural Probiotic Gel for dietary needs in canines Newborn-to-Adult: Conklin Company, Inc. NuVet Vitamins: NuVet Plus heals and protects against the ravages of free radicals that attack your pet throughout its life. It is fully safe and affordable. NuVet Plus helps prolong the life of your dog and eliminates most ailments GUARANTEED. It helps with: Allergies Skin and Coat Problems Scratching, Itching, Biting Hot Spots Arthritis and Joint Problems Premature Aging Low Energy Levels Diabetes and Liver Problems Cataracts and Tumors Digestive Problems Tearing Heart Disease Saving just one major trip to the vet could pay more than a lifetime supply of NuVet Plus. NOTE: This product is NOT available to the general public without an Order Code. Contact NuVet by clicking below: www.NuVet.com To order by phone, call 800-474-7044 or 866-664-6188, Order Code 64370.