Susan & Brian Cook

Milford, CA email: Phone: (530) 253-2219
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Excellence is the result of CARING more than others think wise, RISKING more than others think safe, DOING more than others think practical and EXPECTING more of ourselves than others think possible. Our journey of 1000 miles at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles began with one single step. We are proud to share with our poodle families our journey and all the pieces that have come into place for all things Standard Poodle thru our travels. We at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles, Brian and Susan Cook, have met the criteria and were granted the BREEDER of MERIT status by the American Kennel Club on December 14, 2010. We have been issued and maintain current Licensure for full Kennel operations with the Lassen County Animal Control Agency, Susanville California 96130. With the space we have in our home and our grounds (10) acres, we are licensed to home up to 25 canines in addition to 8 rescue canines. We also stand by to accomplish emergency foster care for the County of Lassen Animal Control if called upon to do so. We often work with and contribute to canine rescues and surrenders. We have assisted in working with multiple breeds but as of late, our emphasis is on the Poodle, Poodle mix and Brittany breeds. Part of our AKC Breeder of Merit Status and our Kennel Licensure with the County of Lassen is to participate in annual records audit and cleanliness inspections of our home, grounds, grooming shop and animal food preparation area(s). We actively make all our diet supplements for our animals as we advocate the RAW DIET for our canines. Our licensure updates for the County of Lassen , Susanville CA was accomplished for the year 2011-2012 and below is our License copy that is displayed in our grooming shop at our home. Our kennel was inspected by AKC 3/21/2017 and the results of that inspection are shown below. Our AKC records and cleanliness inspection was accomplished by the American Kennel Club Representative Executive Field Agent, Elizabeth F. White on Monday June 13, 2011. This is the copy of the REPORT from Ms. White. Our home is open for visits by appointment for prospective clients that are curious on how we live with our standard poodles, brittanys, cats, horses and our one Rescue APBT Mix, Ian. Although we have licensure for a "Kennel" our Standard Poodles and Brittanys live with us in our home and are allowed free access to exercise on our grounds. We ask for calls prior to visits by guests. Notice from visitors allow us time to secure our dogs for their safety. All of our animals have free access on our grounds and we do not want anyone driving in while our animals are loose on the property. We would love to hear from you and be very proud to have you to visit our home, meet our poodles and maybe there will be a puppy available that we could share with you. Please give us a call. All are WELCOME!!!
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