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We have one White Standard Poodle MALE puppy available for his new home NOW. Gentry was Born July 18, 2022 and He is Nine weeks old as of Sept 12, 2022. Gentry is Temperment Tested a Volhard # 3 and a live bait wing pass return of 1 x 3. Gentry is Microchipped, Vaccinated with DHP # 1 and Bordatella # 1 , Parasite Preventatives from Week # 2 forward and Well Puppy Vet Checked on Sept 7, 2022. GOOD TO GO! Gentry is Stylish, Outgoing, Confident and Handsome, Moves well, nice head piece and would make a GREAT performance prospect or loving companion or BOTH ! Gentry is the Son of our Billy the Kid X Farrah , Silver PARENTS. ** WE DO NOT CARGO SHIP. We are able to travel to select areas in California, Nevada and Oregon to meet for Delivery on this pup, Fees will apply. All are welcome in our home for meet and greet. Puppy nanny process may not work as this guy will reach max weight and height for carry on pup transit. Please contact us for more info on transit if interested. Please email or contact us via Telecom, (530) 253-2219, for more info on Gentry.


RED & APRICOT MALE & FEMALE STANDARD POODLE PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED "Our Ginger X Walker have given us NINE Standard Poodle Puppies in various shades of RED and Apricot Male & Females on September 5, 2022. They will be ready for New Homes begining HALLOWEEN, OCT 31, 2022 ... BOO ! We have 3 RED Females and 6 RED, Lite RED and APRICOT Males available as of today. We are able to Puppy Nanny , Deliver by Common carrier or all are welcome in our home. FEES appy for deliver and/or Nanny service Please email or contact by Telecom, (530) 253-2219, for more info on our RED and APRICOT puppies.


BLUE & SILVER PUPPIES, MALE & FEMALE, ARRIVED 9/19/2022! Our Silver Boy, Marquis Diamond Louie x Our Blue Girl, Marquis Diamond Vi Vi gave us EIGHT Blue and Silver standard poodle puppies , 4 MALE and 4 FEMALE on Monday September 19, 2022. These puppies will be ready to rehome November 14, 2022 and thereafter. Silver and Blue puppies are born BLACK and lighten in Color from Nose back and Feet up giving the hint of lift each haircut, Like unwrapping a christmas package ! We have Both Males and Females available for performance or Companion homes November 14, 2022 and thereafter. We do not Cargo Ship. We are able to flight nanny deliver or deliver pups by common carrier to select destinations or as far as in home placements to many areas within CA, NV, OR. FEES APPLY for Deliveries. All are welcome in our home for pick up as well Pups come with a full pup layette, gastro Intestinal care kit, new bed, food pack and Health care file. Each pup is Microchipped Via Avid, receive a full Veterinary Well puppy exam at week 7, receive age appropriate vaccines ( DHP, BORDATELLA, DHLP Via Recombetek by Merial Company) and parasite control meds from week 2 forward. We raise and condition our puppies with the Puppy Culture Process. Each puppy is temperment tested Via Volhard and Wing pass tested with live wing bait , results are in written form for each puppy by individual scores. Please contact us for info on Parental Genetic testing results and any requested info via email or contact Teleby com, (530) 253-2219.


Our Parents are fully Health Tested for Genetic Health. OFA CHIC numbers have been issued for each. These puppies are reared via The Puppy Culture Socialization Program, will be Vet cleared for Well Puppy Good Health, receive age appropriate Vaccines via Recombetek brand, receive parasite prevention medication weekly protocal , Microchipped with AVID brand Chips and Volhard Temperment Tested with Documented results at day # 49.

Our puppies go to their NEW HOMES with a Full product Layette, New Bed, Food Pack, AKC Breeder of Heart Health File and Gastro

Interstinal Care kit. For our 2022 FALL puppies advertised, the Holiday Theme for the Layette and contents is: HALLOWEEN! Boo to you

all , Happy Fall!

Some of our Products that go with our puppies to their new homes are posted below:


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