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Due to scheduling from the WEST COAST to EAST COAST, We have set a road trip, HIGHWAY 80 W to E and Return mid-June 2022. Delivery of our pups from our home to various areas across the USA is possible. The Airlines have varied schedules and getting into Select Stations on the East coast have proven to be impossible for some of our Nanny Service offered so we are hitting the road. We no longer offer Commercial Air Cargo Transit . Offering the road trip made the most sense, so here we go ! We are experienced in pet travel for our beloved Canines so no worries here and we have spots reserved. We are open to additional transit, so please contact us for details, availability and pricing via Email or Telecom, (530) 253-2219.



Pictured above is our Brown Male, Yellow Collar Standard Poodle puppy we call Milo. Milo is BR YC M- 368. Avid Microchip # 606 * 810 * 368. Milo has completed his Well Puppy Veterinary Exam, has received age appropriate DHP, BORDATELLA and DHLP Vaccines, Vet Administered (manufactured by Merial Company/Recombetek Brand). Milo is temperment tested a Volhard #3 and is wing pass return with Live Pheasent wing bait at a 1 x 3 with Prey drive Low. Milo would make a great companion or performance puppy prospect. Milo is a lover and will hug all over his family before He will play toys and retrieve. His DOB is 03/01/22 and he is available now to his Furever home. * * * Pictured above is our Brown Male, Orange Collar Standard Poodle puppy we call Wiley. Wiley is short for "Wild Man". Wiley is BR OC M- 622. Avid Microchip # 606 * 807 * 622. Wiley has completed his Well Puppy Veterinary Exam, Has received age Appropriate DHP, BORDATELLA and DHLP Vaccines, Vet Administered. Manufactured by Merial Company/Recombetek Brand. Wiley is Temperment tested- -a Strong Volhard #3 and is Wing pass return with Live Phesent Wing Bait at a 2 x 3, medium Prey drive. Wiley would make a wonderful Performance prospect in the field or with barn hunts, scent work, lure coursing or any action oriented sport. We would like to see him in a busy home with older kids or a dedicated owner/handler that has experience and patience training a busy, athletic personality. Wiley has his down time and loves His people, other dogs and does well with our resident cats. It would be fair to say, Wiley is alot of dog and needs a job... His DOB is 03/01/22 and is available now to his Furever home. Pups are vaccinated through week #12, DHP and Bordatella, as well as parasite preventative medications and they have both been temperament an wing tested. They are in week #12. Each puppy goes out with Full care/vet file, Bark Basket Layette, New Bed, Food Pack and Gastro Intestinal Care kit/bucket. The boys should reach 23-24 inches at the shoulders and range between 45-50 lbs as adults. Parents are genetically and UC Davis diversity tested. ** We DO NOT CARGO SHIP Via Airline. We can arrange puppy nanny delivery to select locations for a fee, depending on our schedule. ALL are welcome to our home. Questions regarding our puppies, please contact us via Email or Telecom, (530) 253-2219, We can forward litter pack, parental testing results and updated pictures on litter.



The Brown Easter Standard Poodle puppies (born Easter Sunday April 17, 2022) are the product of our Marquis Diamond Cole ( Brown) X Marquis Diamond Zelda (Brown Phantom). They are pictured above at 4 weeks of age, eating their first solid meal of puppy Mousse. They are ready for new homes June 12, 2022 and thereafter. Delivery to select locations is available by schedule. We are located in Northern California and are delivering EAST by common carrier (from Reno) June 15, 2022 timeframe. Select fees apply They will receive age Appropriate Vaccines, Parasite Prevention Meds, Microchip implants via Avid, Temperment Testing, Wing Pass runs for Performance prospects, Recorded Results for Temperment tests and Vetting/Parental Genetic and litter info. Pups also are placed with a Full Food Pack, Bark Basket Layette, New Bed and full genetic health Guarantee. Please contact us via Email or Telecom, (530) 253-2219, for further information on our pups and parental Genetic testing results, etc.


Our Parents are fully Health Tested for Genetic Health. OFA CHIC numbers have been issued for each. These puppies are reared via The Puppy Culture Socialization Program, will be Vet cleared for Well Puppy Good Health, receive age appropriate Vaccines via Recombetek brand, receive parasite prevention medication weekly protocal , Microchipped with AVID brand Chips and Volhard Temperment Tested with Documented results at day # 49.

Each puppy comes with a full Bark Basket Puppy Layette in the Easter Theme, New Bed, Food Pack, Gastro Intestinal Good Health

Product Package and a full Health/ Care/ Training File folder specific to each puppy.

Some of our Products that go with our puppies to their new homes are posted below:


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