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If you are interested in a COMPANION Standard Poodle Puppy from Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles, please take a moment to READ the following contract language and ask any questions you may have BEFORE you enter into an agreement to purchase one of our puppies. Please read CAREFULLY and be SURE you Understand this is a SALE of a LIVE Animal/ Standard Poodle Puppy. A Deposit to purchase is a Commitment for a SALE. No CASH REFUNDS on Deposits placed to Secure a SALE. Our Deposits are $500.00 USA funds and are NON REFUNDABLE. Genetic LIFETIME Guarentee: We guarentee for the LIFE of the Puppy we SELL for ALL TESTABLE Diseases in the Sire and Dam. We stand behind: Hips, Elbows, CERF / EYES and Cardiac. We do not Guarentee for Cancer, Auto Immune Issues, Allergies and select seizure disorders. We make every attempt to breed a healthy puppy. Health issues that arise other than Hips, Elbows, CERF/Eyes, Cardiac are CASE by CASE between parties and are not always covered in our health guarentee. Our pups leave with a WELL PUPPY exam by our breeder Veterinarian, Dr Bob Nelson, Nelson Vet Services/ Chester CA. We also use KLAICH Clinic in RENO NV when Dr Nelson is out of the office . The Health exams are in Written format and provided with each pup file. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND all puppy families insure their new Addition with PET HEALTH INSURANCE. We take back our Standard Poodles as a lifetime commitment, NO CASH PAYMENTS with be REFUNDED. Purchase of a puppy is a LIFETIME Commitment and we recommend doing your Research and understand this is a lifetime commitment. We provide lifetime breeder support and remain available to offer any information and updates you may need on care and treatment for all the standard poodles we place. Should you have any questions regarding our information disclosed on this page, please feel free to contact us via phone at (530) 253- 2219 or Email: We place companion puppies first and foremost, then as possibilities in our puppies temperment and beauty allows, performance potentials. Performance potentials are by Private treaty for CONFORMATION Show Prospects and after title, Reproduction Purposes.________(Initial) Companion puppies are LIMITED registrations and cannot be bred or reproduced from. We expect that our puppies are neutered or spayed by 6 mos of age. Should they not be, the buyer assumes responsibility for behaviour changes from an animal being retained intact and the hormone ranges that bring about behaviours that are sometimes unwelcome or medical issues that can onset as time goes on such as but not limited to agression, irritibility, mammary cancer, testicular cancer, etc._____ (Initial) Limited registrations can allow your puppy to be loved as a faithful companion and exhibited in all dog sports in all clubs with the exception of CONFORMATION. We do not guarentee that your puppy will title in any venue. Our temperment testing process is our best guess at what your puppy MAY grow to be, along with our assessment of his or her background by parentage._____(Initial) Full records will be issued to you as buyers on any and all Genetic and medical testing, registry information, extendeded pedigrees and additional information on the Sire/Dam of said puppy. We also give results of the Temperment testing process of Said puppy, certification from the kennel clubs that allow you to REGISTER the puppy such as AKC, UKC , at buyers expense. This puppy is microchipped and the Microchip registration for this process to the AVID company, is PREPAID by Seller. We give as sellers, a food kit of raw and processed dog food and a puppy layette to get your puppy a start in their new home. Items in this layette differ with availability of product. ______(Initial) We genetically lifetime guarentee and will replace your puppy should the circumstances arrise that would render your puppies life short due to Genetic illness. This does not include Lifetime changes of the new family, illness of family members, needing to rehome your puppy as a young adult or older as you are overwhelmed that this commitment has now become too great for your lives or just because. Genetic illness means an illness that is developed in your puppy that arrises from the linage in the breeding. Genetic illness that can be TESTED for in the Parent dogs of said offspring. Such as blood disorders, skin issues, heart failure, select orthopedic issues, vision issues such as juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy etc. _______(Initial) Please do not confuse these issues in their health as it relates to GENETICS with, bites from insects, unknown animals or vaccinations that cause blood disorders such as thrombocytopenia , reaction to medications given by veterinary care for other non related ailments , allergies that can be controlled by changing feeding practices, dentiture that casues a bite not to scissor shut to perfection, accidents in the home or environment that may lead to veterinary care that leads to extensive cost, overall illness that is NOT related to the parentage of this animal as diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian, acknowleged in your state of residency._______(Initial) The life expectancy of a Standard Poodle is 11 to 15 years. I lifetime genetically guarentee your puppy for genetic issues that render their life short, during a reasonable timeframe, up to 5 years, not giving a buyer a right to a replacement puppy for the entire life of this standard poodle. If your standard Poodle succumbs to Cancer of unknown orgin at a young age, 4 to 5 years, I would replace your animal. If this poodle becomes ill at 9 ys old and succumbs to illness, that is not an unreasonable timeframe to expect your animal to exceed, I will not replace your puppy. _____(Initial) If your animal has laxity in their hips or onset of arthritis, as diagnosed at 9 or 10 ys of age, that is also not unreasonable to expect. We strongly hope, your animal lives a long and active life and makes it to 11 to 15 ys, but due to the diet your animal is given, environment they are raised, too much or too little exercise, lack of vitamin supplementation, over vaccinating with prescribed vaccines, illness brought on by self medicating ones own dog outside of the direction of a licensed veterinarian, feeding processed dog foods not rated appropriatly by the AAFCO, or any issues in the rearing of this standard poodle outside of our control, we cannot expect to be responsible for their total life and replace your poodle after 5 years of age.________(Initial) In the same respect, to be fair, case by case issues may arise that we do not expect in the health or temperment of your animal. PLEASE do not misinterpet this contract language as our attempt to sell you this puppy and run, depicting you are on your own. That is NOT the case. ALL issues of illness that your vetrinarian feels may be genetically engineered, MUST be depicted in a written diagnosis and sent to us for review at the buyers cost. At our expense, we will as breeders, pay for consult with our veterinarian of record depending on the illness diagnosed and discuss with you the position we will take on replacing your puppy. We will not offer CASH REFUNDS. Any replacement of a puppy is on a one time basis.______(Initial) As Breeders, we will attempt to make the issue with genetic illness in your puppy right by replacing your puppy if that is the case and we do not in all circumstances require that the puppy be returned to us first for replacement. Many times genetic illness can lead to veterinary decisions that will require a great deal of expense to treat, or render a heart breaking decision to end your standard Poodles life short by euthanasia. We will not be held responsible as breeders for payment to cover cost over the purchase price of your puppy if payment refund is agreed upon, transit to and from our residence for return of the original standard poodle puppy or replacement of a standard poodle puppy. Medical treatments and care of your puppy is a personal decision and must be your own. At times we travel and can make arrangements to meet on the road, rehome the animal from your residence or deliver a pup if we MUTUALLY agree on method of travel , timing and availability to accomplish this between parties but this is on a case by case basis, mutually agreed upon by parties at the time the transition is to take place.________(Initial) If a puppies temperment changes and the puppy grows into a teen and young adult, training and exposure to the outside elements make your poodle a better dog. The more you work with your best friend, the more you invest in their lives as your new companion, the more they will grow and mature into a lifelong , faithful friend.________(Initial) Your puppy goes thru changes in behaviour as they grow. This is a given it will occur, sometimes trying to the family. Please understand that behaviour in your puppy must be developed as you would with a small child. They need to be on a schedule, they need to be gently corrected when they range into behaviour that is not acceptable and they need training._______(Initial) We do the best we can to temperment test our puppies utilizing the volhard process. Our puppies are raised in our home and under our feet until they begin their new lives with us or with their new families. We do the best to explain what we feel this puppy will mature to be in Color, size, weight, temperment ; However, we do not guarentee SIZE, WEIGHT, COLOR of COAT, COLOR OF MARKINGS and/or POINTS, TEMPERMENT/PERSONALITY.______(Initial) That does not absolve us as breeders to NOT address all life issues for this puppy. We offer unconditional, lifetime breeder support via, email, telecom and written missive, as well as personal meetings or visits. We encourage you to use this process we offer, for no additional cost, and never feel you are a bother. We will stand by our animals and only wish the best for them in their new homes. Sometimes, it just does not work like that and we ask you to attempt to make it right by staying in contact with us and at least offering first right of refusal if this puppy does not work out in his/her new home, at any time. AFTER THE FIRST 7 DAYS OF YOUR POSSESION OF THIS PUPPY, NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR RETURNS.______(Initial) In the same respect, for any reason an animal must be returned or rehomed at anytime of the standard Poodles life, we will step up to offer full support in this process and in as much, we will NOT refund any cost up front. Any funds remaining from the sale of a returned standard poodle, less agreed upon transit, board, vet care and/or advertising, will be returned to the parties returning said animal for any reason._______(Initial) Should for any reason, legal process occur in as much as a court action/litigation, the seller retains full rights for filing and process in the county of LASSEN, City of Susanville Proper, State of California. This shall stand in all sales addressed herein.______(Initial) Sold To:____________________________________________ Date:________________ Description:____________________________________________________ SEX:______ DOB:_____________ Microchip#________________________ Sire/Dam:_______________________________________________________________ Price:____________________________ Payment Plan:___________________________________ Additional Info:_______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed by Buyer:________________________________________________ Printed Name(S)________________________________________________________ Sellers:_______________________________________________________________________________ Date:______________________________________________ Brian R. Cook / Susan R. Cook Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles.COM AKC Breeders of Merit 716-450 Thunder Mountain Road Milford CA 96121 (530) 253-2219