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Marquis Diamond- Random Act of Passion

By:   AM/U CH Pinafore-Possabilities at Marquis Diamond (Silver) X Marquis Diamond-Mithril RedRoc Rubee (Red)   DOB: 09/18/14

Owned by Brian & Susan Cook, AKC Breeders of Merit


Our Marquis Diamond-Random Act of Passion, aka Passion, starts her AKC Show career on the East Coast October 2016 handled by Team BlueLine LLC, Adriano Rocha & Danielle Lassard-Pesko.   

Passion is the Suprise Daughter of our CH Bill and Rubee Red.  Passion came to be, a litter of 11 that was a True Random Act of Passion. We knew right away, Passion stood out.  When people came to see the litter, many commented she must be our Show Pic?   We just kept saying she was and as she matured, we knew we had something special.  Passion is now out showing on the East Coast.  We are hopeful  she can pull it off coming home an AKC Champion.

Thank U to Dana Mayadag for the NAME.  Dana flew in from New Mexico for a pup boy in apricot and named our girl Random Act of Passion!  Loved it.

Passion is our Bred By, 3rd Generation baby girl,  GrandDaughter of our  U CH Davight-Marquis Diamond Heart of the Ocean and Mithril Sheldon's Shenanigans..... Daughter to our Marquis Diamond-Mithril RedRoc Rubee  and AM/U CH Pinafore Possabilities at Marquis Diamond.  Passion is very special, our first Apricot AKC Show Prospect and a ton of Fun!  Hope to be posting positive results on her career really soon!



Neena in SC 6-2012

Am/U CH Pinafore-Marquis Diamond Queena Clubs

**Now Retired and Living in Scottsdale, AZ**

Owned by Brian & Susan Cook and Penny Harney. Pedigree and OFA Health Verification.

 Neena is our Newest AKC CH    

NEWS FLASH!  AM CH Neena acheived Winners at the Kenilworth Kennel Club of CT, SpringField MA July 6, 2012 handled by Daniella Pesko of Team BlueLine.  Judge Donna Buxton awarded CH Neena Winners taking her to her AKC Conformation Championship.  CH Neena is pictured with Danielle after coming back to the grooming area AND in her final NEW CHAMPION Win Picture.  CH Neena is pictured with Danielle after coming back to the Grooming area as a NEW CHAMPION!  Thank you team BlueLine, Adriano Rocha, and Danielle Pesko for finsihing our Neena so fast. First day out in OPEN and a MAJOR WIN!!  GREAT JOB!

Neena is co-owned with Penny Harney at Pinafore Poodles in McKenzie TN.  For my 50th Birthday, I flew to Pennys in TN  to pick an INKY BLACK SHOW GIRL PROSPECT from a litter of 9 and Neena came home with me. Many thanks to Penny for allowing me to TAKE the PICK Black Puppy Girl to begin my Black foundation at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles.  Many thanks to my husband Brian for taking care of the home front while I spent 5 days at Penny's in TN!

Neena is bred from BISS AM CH Bay Breeze Asa Spades (Black) X Pinafore Rose Petals (Black).  Neena goes back to many of the beautiful black champions in the Pinafore Black lines from Pennys early foundation.  We are Blessed with this girl and so jazzed she is off to a good start.  Thanks to Penny Harney at Pinafore, Myriah Johnson of EnTour Poodles (Asa's Owner), Pro Handler, Adriano Rocha, and Neena too!!!





Marquis Diamond Cinncinattus

Date of Birth: 02/01/16

Sire: Am CH Firenze-Rising from the Ashes at Marquis Diamond (Black)

Dam: Am CH Pinafore-Marquis Diamond Queena Clubs (Black

Bred by: Brian & Susan Cook, AKC Breeders of Merit/Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles

Owned by Kim Brown and Brian/Susan Cook, Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles


Marquis Diamond Cinncinattus, aka Attus, started her AKC Show career handled by Betty Brown/Donnchada Poodles of Texas in the 6 to 9 puppy classes taking Best of Opposites for her first points, October 2016. 

Attus is the Inky Black, stylish, home-bred offspring of our AKC Champions Finn and Neena.  Attus  is from our Champion Finn's first breeding and from our Champion Neena's last litter before retirement.  Attus, in her inky black coat, was a special puppy girl and won the heart of Kim Brown when they met in April of 2016.

Kim wanted a companion standard Poodle puppy and as Attus grew, Kim sparked an interest in showing AKC so Attus was put to the test.   Attus is off to a great start in Texas with her Pro Handler Betty Brown with Kim ringside to watch the action!
Many thanks to Kim Brown for investing so much in our girl and Betty Brown for taking Attus into the show line up and making her a puppy star!




Layce AKC CH

Laycee Half Way to AKC CH


Laycee Begins Show Career       Layce 2013

Am CH Marquis Diamond-Pinafore Look Back Sheez Black

**Now Retired and Living in Corona, CA**

AM Multi CH Antigua Don't Look Back (Black) X AM CH Pinafore-Marquis Diamond Queena Clubs (Black)

Bred and owned by:  Brian & Susan Cook, Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles  DOB: 10/01/12

AM CH Marquis Diamond - Pinafore Look Back Sheez Black  was awarded Best of Winners in Boise Idaho at the Lizard Butte Kennel Club on October 12, 2014 handled by Taffe Mc Fadden for the final major for Laycee taking her to AKC Champion.

Our Home Bred CH Laycee acheived her 12 points/one major  on the East coast with Team Blueline thru August 2014 and came home to the West Coast for a handler change.  Late-September 2014, CH Laycee went with Team Mc Fadden at Bold Oaks Kennels in Acampo CA and in one show weekend,  came home to us as a FINISHED AKC CHAMPION.  Many thanks to Taffe Mc Fadden, Handler and Judge Gayle Denman for this great acheivement..

Ch Laycee was part of a historic moment for our Line up on OCT 12, 2014.  CH Laycee and Our brown girl Wicked Wanda, both Bred-By Girls, each acheived a major win.  CH Laycee in Idaho handled by Taffe Mc Fadden for the finish AND Wicked Wanda in Texas.  What a day!   Thank you all that made this possible for us.

This Inky Black Girl is our home-bred puppy from 2012 by our 2 AKC Champions, Valentino X Neena.  Team Blue Line finished LayCee's mother, Neena.  LayCee has been loving life and rising to the occasion of her time away from home to learn the show circut and make the family proud.  Our LayCee was shown in OPEN Classes her last weekend of AKC shows on the East coast and she won Winners for her final points in a puppy clip.





Am CH Wanda

Wanda May 2016Wanda May 2016Wanda May 2016

Am CH Marquis Diamond Wicked Wanda

Funtyme's Poetic Justice (Brown) X Mithril- Marquis Diamond Co Co Chanel (Brown)

Bred and Owned by Brian & Susan Cook, AKC Breeders of Merit. DOB 12/30/13.

Pedigree and OFA Health Verification

Am CH Marquis Diamond Wicked Wanda started her AKC "Adult" Show Career in Open, Abilene Texas May 2015.  On May 17, 2015, our home-bred brown girl won the variety under Judge David M. Krogh.  Thanks to all and it was a nice weekend suprise!

Previously, Wanda won a 3-point MAJOR in her puppy cut awarded by Judge Judith Daniels at the Tyler Texas Kennel Club Cluster, October 12, 2014.

Marquis Diamond Wicked Wanda and her handler Adriano Roacha of Team Blueline came out late 2015 with a new look and a new direction, taking the variety win on Sunday December 6, 2015 taking Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Winners.

Wanda will come out early 2016 on the east coast / USA with Team Blueline to complete her AKC title and come home to the West Coast and take a much needed respite.  Thank U Adriano for all your support and assistance with our Wanda.   She has been transformed into a NEW GIRL! 

Flashing BulletNEWS FLASH:   January 31, 2016, AM CH Marquis Diamond Wicked Wanda Won the Variety/Breed in South Carolina awarded by judge  David J. Kirkland for the final finale.  Many thanks to Adriano Rocha, BlueLine Handling LLC for this achievement.  CONGRATS!





Lovie Wins 5-Point Major

AM, NAT-INT JA/ U-CH Pinafore Healing Hearts at Marquis Diamond

En Tour Casablanca (White) X  Pinafore Jamaica Me Delirious (White)

**Now Retired and Living in Corona, CA**

Owned by Susan and Brian Cook. Pedigree and OFA Health Verification.

AM/INT/U CH Pinafore Healing Hearts at Marquis Diamond, AKA: Lovie completed her AKC Conformation title in North Carolina on March 29, 2014.  CH Lovie came out in JANUARY 2014 taking a 5-point MAJOR by Judge Robort Hutton in FLORIDA.  CH Lovie came out again in MARCH 2014 and was awarded a 3-point MAJOR by judge Betty Leniger in TENNESSEE, 2 single points by Judge Warner Cepedes in North Carolina, and her Grand Finale winning her third MAJOR and the BREED/VARIETY over Champion Specials for her AKC Title on 03/29/14.

CH Lovie was entered on Sunday 03/30/14 and shown to hold the major, open class taking FIRST with NO Spray up and only a rubber band holding her topline back!!!  You Go Girl, it was her time to shine as her handlers told us!  CH Lovie was conditioned and Handled by Team Blueline, Adriano Rocha and Danielle Pesko of North Carolina.  CH Lovie makes our 3rd AKC conformation Champion finished by Team BlueLine and we are hopeful, more to come!  Thank U so much to the Team for the beautiful presentation of our girl CH Lovie, as well as CH Neena, CH Bill, and our up and comer, Laycee. who starts her adult career in May 2014.

CH Lovie is cut down in a pup clip, running all over our place, enjoying life as our companion girl and best pal!


Lovie Wins 5-Point Major

Lovie Lovie Lovie

U/UCI CH Pinafore Healing Hearts at Marquis Diamond, aka Lovie, begins her AKC show career in Conformation for 2014 and comes out swinging by winning a 5 point MAJOR, Winners Bitch/Best of Winners, handled by Adriano Rocha, January 2014.  Lovie won this award at the Tampa Bay Kennel Club show and is going strong.  She is half way to her AKC Champion Title and looking good.  Thank you Team Blueline for making the family proud.  Go Lovie!


Lovie at PCA April 2013

April 25, 2013, Our Lovie was shown in the Amateur Owner-Handler class at the Poodle Club of America National Speciaty in Salisbury, Maryland.  Lovie went onto her handler's care, Team BlueLine, Adriano Rocha and Danielle Pesko of North Carolina to Show on the East Coast and complete her AKC title thru 2013.   We will post her wins and stats as she moves thru her year with Team BlueLine.





Shelby's First Win


Marquis Diamond-Steel Magnolia

By AM/U CH Pinafore Possabilities at Marquis Diamond (Silver) X  AM/U/UCI CH Pinafore Healing Hearts at Marquis Diamond (White)

DOB 4/15/2015

Owned by Susan and Brian Cook / AKC Breeder of Merit.

Pedigree and OFA Health Verification.

Our Marquis Diamond-Steel Magnolia, AKA: Shelby has started her AKC Show Career on the East Coast with the Professional Handlers of Team BlueLine LLC, Adriano Rocha & Danielle Pesko. 

Our Shelby was shown in OPEN in North Carolina at the Greater Monroe Kennel club Sunday April 3, 2016 and won Winners/Best of Opposites.  Shelby was shown by her Professional Handlers of Team Blueline, Danielle Lessard pictured with Shelby for this win.   Thank U Judge David Alexander for this win.  Shelby is now cut into pattern and will be shown on the East Coast later in 2016 with Team Blueline.   Thanks to Adriano and Danielle for a great puppy career run with our Shelby!

Our Shelby is a Silver girl and the offspring of our CH Bill X CH Lovie born April 15, 2015.  Shelby was our choice for a show prospect from this combination litter.   We are excited to have her with Team BlueLine for her show career.  We will continue to post her stats thru 2016 to her finished title, while she is showing with Team BlueLine.





Marquis Diamond - Mithril RedRoc Rubee

**Now Retired at MDSP's/ NE CA**

Mithril Sheldons Shenanigans (RED) X U-CH Davight's Diamond Heart of the Ocean (RED)

Owned by Brian and Susan Cook. Pedigree and OFA Health Verification (CHIC 64643)

Our Marquis Diamond-Mithril RedRoc Rubee is the RED daughter of our Matriarch ROSE and our favorite RED stud dog, SHELDON.  Rubee was born April 7, 2008 and is from the very first RED standard poodle litter of puppies born at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles.  We have to say, YES, Rubee is STILL that RED color in her picture!

Rubee is the Dam of Barberosa, our current RED CARDA Search and Rescue male on our Working Dogs page, the half sister to our Latest AKC hunt prospect girl PHOEBE, also on our Working Dogs page, and the Mom to our current RED obedience propsect girl, Marquis Diamond RedRoc Rubee SLIPPERS, aka SHAY.  We think our RED (and Brown) poodles are FUN, but we are not totally commited to breeding these colors at this time.

Rubee continues to be the light of lives at Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles and we so appreciate the beautiful offspring she has blessed us with.

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